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The paintings in the exhibition “A Paintbrush of Longing” were created by Evelyn Jan with love and longing for her soldier son, Sgt. Maor Moshe Jan HY”D, who was killed in a terrorist attack in 2005 at the HaSharon Mall in Netanya. Maor studied at the “Nahar Deiah” Hesder Yeshiva in Nahariya. He was 21 years old when he was murdered.

We offer you to purchase one of Evelyn’s wonderful paintings, where all proceeds from the sales will be dedicated to the benefit of the needy families in Nahariya and to the development of the “Chesed Center” established by the Hesder Yeshiva and named after Maor Moshe Jan HY”D.

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By watching this film you will learn more about Maor Moshe Jan Hy”d, about the Hesder yeshiva in Nahariya, about our “Chesed Store”, and about the special art project of Evelyn and her late son Maor Hy”d

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Evelyn Jan, Maor's mother, studied in her youth with the painter Uri Lifshitz, but only in 2008, after a 30-year hiatus and following the disaster that befell her, she returned to painting in a studio in Netanya. In her search for a source of inspiration, she came across her son’s photo albums and decided to draw one of the photos. After drawing the first picture, she felt the need to continue drawing more and more... Each brush stroke followed the heart and the longing, the spring was abundant and thus a series of paintings was created, which connected her to her beloved son. Through painting, she feels his presence inside her.





Royal Iris




Like a Breaking Rock


Strong Standing


Boat at Sea




Domestic Cat


Bird Flight








you can support a family for as many months as you wish.

The cost of supporting a family is $100 per month.
Any donation will be welcomed and will be sent directly
to the "Chesed Store" to support new families.

We call on you, members of the communities,
to volunteer and mobilize for our important mission.

By purchasing a painting and donating to the "Chesed Center", you bring Maor into your heart. By doing so, you are actually helping to fulfill the mission of the "Chesed Center", which is assisting underprivileged families in Nahariya, your sister city.

By purchasing a Small size picture 13.3 X 16.5 inches,

cost of $600

you support one family
for 6 months

By purchasing a Medium size picture 20.5 X 25.5 inches,

cost of $1,200

you support one family
for 12 months

By purchasing a Large size picture 31.5 X 39.5 inches,

cost of $1,800

you support one family
for 18 months

Sgt. Maor Moshe Jan HY"D

Maor was born in Netanya on 11 June 1984.
He attended the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva in Netanya. He was very active in the Bnei Akiva youth movement in Netanya. Beyond studying at the Yeshiva, Maor dedicated all of his time to Bnei Akiva activities.
Upon graduating from the Netanya Yeshiva, he went on to study in the “Nahar Deah” Hesder Yeshiva in Nahariya.

There too, he stood out as a diligent, kindhearted, quiet, modest and radiant student.
Maor was murdered in a terror attack at the HaSharon Mall in Netanya on 13 July 2005 at the age of 21. He left behind his parents, two brothers, and a sister.

Another sister was born after his death as his parents chocs life. He also left a young and pregnant widow.
His daughter, Yeshua, was born one and a half months after his death.

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in "Chesed Center"

The Chesed center named after Maor Jan HY"D

The yeshiva operates and volunteers in many projects for the benefit of the residents of Nahariya. The most prominent of them is the “Chesed Center”, named after the yeshiva graduate Sgt. Maor Moshe Jan HY”D, who was murdered in a terrorist attack in the HaSharon Mall in Netanya in 2005.

The Yeshiva’s “Chesed Center” operates several projects in favor of the needy families in the city. The highlight of the “Chesed Center” is the “Chesed Store” where needy families come who can purchase products as they wish with a full subsidy from the “Chesed Center”.